To Start Burning Less Coal

  1. Book an appointment to have our technical experts meet with you and your team to help you fully understand the solution.
  2. Supply a fee of $295,000 required to cover our trial costs.
    However, we guarantee to earn that fee back in coal cost savings. We will stay as long as it takes, typically it is earned back in the first few weeks of the trial.
  3. Allow our technicians to come onsite for a 30-60 day trial where we will comparatively prove the reduction in coal usage.
  4. Allow us to provide a self-contained testing trailer, approximately 8ft. X 20ft, and all necessary personnel for the duration of the test. We will analyze your coal and determine the needed amount of catalyst for testing. Lastly, we will provide a final comprehensive report.
  5. Be prepared to change your bottom line and the planet!

Burn Less Coal

Working with you and your team to address all your consumption and emissions issues.