Diesel Solutions

Our Diesel Catalyst technology will reduce your overall Diesel consumption by 15%-20%, and will exponentially reduce your carbon footprint. Our Diesel Catalyst is being used in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America with Diesel Generators, Vehicles, and Heavy Fuel Oil Power Stations.

Our Diesel fuel enhancement catalyst is 100% non-toxic, easily deliverable and safe to handle. Fuel additives are generally divided into 4 categories: cleaners, lubricants, cetane/octane enhancers, and combustion enhancers. Our Diesel Catalyst enhances the combustion process by kicking off a secondary reaction, and while it does not contain cleaners or solvents, it does clean the inside of an engine. Additionally, it is naturally antimicrobial (microbial slime is a common problem in diesel) making the fuel cleaner. While it does not directly address lubrication, research has also shown it to be beneficial in this area.

Testing of Diesel Catalyst has shown an average increase in fuel efficiency of 19.7%, while reducing carbon monoxide by 73% and carbon dioxide by 43%. Contact us today so you can begin to Burn Less Diesel!