How It Works - The Technology

Spray On Coal Catalyst: Our clean coal technology is a new enhancement to the combustion process. Our spray utilizes the elemental, not chemical nature of key non-hydrocarbon substances to provide a coal which burns more efficiently and reduces carbon emissions. Our Non-Toxic & Non-Hazardous coal catalyst is able to create a secondary reaction via alpha emitters which provides additional energy. The key is the secondary reaction the catalyst creates. It is like a trick candle that keeps reigniting, that's how the catalyst reacts with coal.


Due to higher heat transfer value, less coal is burned and less carbon and other harmful emissions are produced. The additional energy generated far exceeds anything in a standard combustion, as proven in the coal fired plants around the world and in the University setting.

No Cost to You

Our compensation follows a successful trial and only from the extra cost savings you gain. You keep up to 50-60% of the Gross Coal Cost Savings, plus all incidental savings like transportation and logistics.


The Operational Margin improvement will be like nothing your organization has done before.


In a time of ever increasing regulatory burdens and expenses, and a decade that has already seen 200 coal fired plants closed, how about using advanced science to improve both metrics?


15%-25+% Reduction in Coal Consumption

Our unique coal catalyst will significantly reduce coal consumption, increase efficiencies, and significantly reduce carbon emissions.



We have multiple coal fired plants using our coal catalyst in an economical way by reducing total coal consumption and reducing the harmful emissions associated with operating a coal fired power plant. Other Benefits:

1. Reduction of Sulphur tension, Harmful emissions, Slag formation and Ash formation.
2. Reduce Furnace Cleaning, Maintenance, Transportation and Logistic cost.
3. Spray goes down and Erosion state is less.

Book An Appointment

Have our technical experts meet with you and your team to help you fully understand the solution.

Your Risk Free Trial

We guarantee to earn that fee back in coal cost savings. Typically it is earned back in the first few weeks of the trial.

30-60 Days Trial

Allow our technicians to come onsite where we will comparatively prove the reduction in coal usage.